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Figure 1

From: Experimental assessment of pro-lymphangiogenic growth factors in the treatment of post-surgical lymphedema following lymphadenectomy

Figure 1

Percentage cumulative release of angiotensin-2 (ANG-2) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF-C) from HAMC. (a) VEGF-C and (b) ANG-2 display similar release profiles in which approximately 50% of initially loaded protein (1 or 3 μg) is released into the surrounding media in the first 32 hr. Following this initial diffusion, controlled phase release rates then plateau. Complete dissolution of HAMC (128 hr) increases recovery of both factors to 100%, suggesting that matrix degradation also plays a role in release. Data are shown as means ± SEM (n = 3). Control (square), 1 μg (triangle), 3 μg (circle).

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