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Table 1 Genes differentially expressed according to mammographic density in non-cancer samples

From: Expression levels of uridine 5'-diphospho-glucuronosyltransferase genes in breast tissue from healthy women are associated with mammographic density

Gene symbol Agilent ID Cytogenetic band
729641 A_24_P932736 8p21.1
FLJ10404 A_23_P427472 5q35.3
VPS18 A_24_P18802 15q15.1
UGT2B10 A_23_P7342 4q13.2
CABP7 A_24_P177236 22q12.2
CD86 A_24_P131589 3q13.33
UGT2B11 A_23_P212968 4q13.2
580687 A_23_P152570 17p11.2
DIAPH2::RPA4 A_23_P254212 Xq21.33
LMOD1 A_32_P199824 1q32.1
UGT2B10 A_24_P521559 4q13.2
PIK3R5 A_23_P66543 17p13.1
ATG7 A_32_P107994 3p25.2
LRRC2 A_23_P155463 3p21.31
RBL1 A_23_P28733 20q11.23
NPY1R A_23_P69699 4q32.2
810781 A_23_P144244 3q13.33
593535 A_32_P80016 15q26.1
H2AFJ A_23_P204277 12p12.3
666399 A_32_P35668 20p12.3
Transcribed A_24_P640617 2p25.2
Transcribed A_32_P20997 20q13.13
UGT2B7 A_23_P136671 4q13
ESR1 A_23_P309739 6q25.1
SAPS1 A_23_P119448 19q13.42