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Figure 5

From: Molecular apocrine differentiation is a common feature of breast cancer in patients with germline PTEN mutations

Figure 5

Array CGH of the five molecular apocrine tumors. Graphical view (VAMP software) showing the log2 ratio of the fluorescence intensities for each clone. Gains appear in red, amplicons in blue, losses in green and balanced signals in yellow. (A) Pan genomic array CGH profile of the Cowden (n = 3) and non-Cowden (n = 2) molecular apocrine tumors. (B) Plot of chromosome 10 showing genomic loss in sample 118 at the PTEN locus. The pink bar and the black line indicate respectively the PTEN locus and the centromere position. (C) Plot of chromosome 17 showing amplicons in sample 96. The proximal amplicon at 17q12 contains the ERBB2 gene as indicated by the pink bar.

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