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Figure 1

From: Molecular apocrine differentiation is a common feature of breast cancer in patients with germline PTEN mutations

Figure 1

Unsupervised hierarchical clustering of familial breast cancers. Unsupervised hierarchical clustering using 2,447 highly variable probe sets. The orange branch contains the molecular apocrine tumors and includes the three Cowden tumors. PTEN: Germline PTEN mutation status (black box: wild type; white box: mutated). ESR1, PGR, AR: estrogen, progesterone and androgen receptor status determined by immunohistochemical staining [black box: positive (that is, score 2); white box: negative (that is, score 0 and 1 - see material and methods)]. Sorlie: The colored boxes represent the Stanford intrinsic gene classification based on the centroids described by Sorlie et al. [4] (red, basal-like class; pink, HER2 class; green, normal-like class; dark blue, luminal A class; light blue, luminal B class). Hu: same classification based on the revised centroids [2].

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