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Figure 1

From: Genome-wide search for breast cancer linkage in large Icelandic non-BRCA1/2 families

Figure 1

Maximum LOD scores by chromosomal position, and relation to previously suggested candidate loci. Parametric HLOD scores for the nine Icelandic families are shown in (a) for the dominant (dark teal thick line) and the recessive model (plum). NP-LOD scores are shown in (b) using different exponential scoring options in Merlin software: S-all (orange thick line) and S-pairs (indigo). The position of previously published loci is shown in (c), according to GWS studies in red (or black if reported in more than one GWS study) (adapted from Table 5 in [16]), and according to single locus reports [1719] in blue. A position at 2p indicated by a subset of relatively early-onset multiple-case families in one GWS-study [11] is included in (c) and shown in grey. Parametric LOD scores of family 70234 are shown in (d) with line colours as in (b).

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