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Figure 6

From: Molecular subtypes of breast cancer are associated with characteristic DNA methylation patterns

Figure 6

Relative expression and methylation of SUZ12 and PRC2 target genes derived from MCF7 breast cancer cells. (a and c) SUZ12 targets identified by Squazzo et al. [30] and (b and d) PRC2 targets identified by Tan et al. [31], and present in our gene expression data set or methylation panel, respectively, were used. (a and b) Average relative expression of SUZ12 and PRC2 targets, respectively. LumA and especially LumB tumours, have low expression of these genes. P-values were calculated using analysis of variance (ANOVA). (c and d) Average relative methylation of SUZ12 and PRC2 targets, respectively. Higher methylation levels are found for lumB than lumA tumours. P-values were calculated using ANOVA. The number of tumours in each subtype is shown at top.

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