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Figure 1

From: MicroRNAs and their target gene networks in breast cancer

Figure 1

Gene interaction network analysis of miRNA targets in breast cancer. Determined using Ingenuity software, the direct interaction network of 34 published targets of 11 miRNAs implicated in breast cancer pathogenesis is shown: miR-206 (grey), miR-17-5p (blue), miR-125a/b (cyan), miR-200 (dark green), let-7 (green), miR-34 (yellow), miR-31 (orange), miR-21 (pink), miR-155 (red), and miR-373/520c (maroon). The targets form a highly connected network centered on MYC. Arrows indicate protein-protein or protein-DNA interactions, suggesting these targets coordinate the expression and/or function of one another.

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