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Figure 4

From: Survival and self-renewing capacity of breast cancer initiating cells during fractionated radiation treatment

Figure 4

Radiation response of cells in monolayer cultures using ZsGreen-cODC as a CICs marker. Fluorescence-activated cell-sorting (FACS) analysis was performed to measure ZsGreen-cODC expression of cells derived from MCF-7 or T47D monolayer cultures after radiation treatment. (A) Representative dot blots of control and 5 × 3 Gy treatment of MCF-7 (a) or 4 × 3 Gy treatment of T47D (b). (B) The percent of ZsGreen-cODC-positive (ZsGreen-cODC+) cells was estimated by FACS in MCF-7 (a) and T47D (b) or plated for a sphere forming capacity assay (C) for MCF-7 (a) and T47D (b) cells. White bars: untreated; Black bars: fractionated radiation; Grey bars: biological equivalent dose. Means (+/- SEM) of at least three independent experiments are shown.

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