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Figure 3

From: Survival and self-renewing capacity of breast cancer initiating cells during fractionated radiation treatment

Figure 3

ZsGreen-cODC+ cells are a subpopulation of CD24low/-/CD44+ stem cell-containing population and lead to tumor growth. (A) Confluent MCF-7-ZsGreen-cODC monolayer (top panel) and spheres (bottom panels). ZsGreen-cODC+ cells are enriched in mammospheres. (B) Immunofluorescence of CD24 (red, top panel) and CD44 (red, bottom panel) reveals an overlap between ZsGreen-cODC-positive cells and the subpopulation CD24low/-/CD44+ in MCF-7-ZsGreen-cODC mammospheres.

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