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Figure 5

From: (-)-Epigallocatechin gallate sensitizes breast cancer cells to paclitaxel in a murine model of breast carcinoma

Figure 5

EGCG overcomes taxol-induced GRP78 expression in tumors. Cell lysates from dissected tumor tissues were subjected to Western blot analysis of GRP78 expression. (a) The levels of GRP78 protein in tumors treated with vehicle, EGCG, and taxol were shown. (b) Quantitative analysis of GRP78 expression after normalization to actin by densitometric analysis. The ratio of GRP78/actin represented by grey column was set as 1 arbitary unit. Columns = mean of relative levels of GRP78 protein; bars = SE. Asterisk = P < 0.05 versus control. Black triangle = P < 0.05 versus taxol.

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