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Table 4 Functional enrichment of genes expressed higher in blood of breast cancer patients compared to healthy subjects

From: Gene expression profiling of peripheral blood cells for early detection of breast cancer

Biological process Count % P-value Genes Fold enrichment FDR
GO:0006412 Translation 20 8.55% 0.0037 RPL26L1, LOC440587, RPS29, RPL37A, RPL11, UBA52, RPS3A, EEF1G, TRSPAP1, RPL36A, RPL24, RPL17, RPL14, RPL15, RPL4, RPL6, RPS25, ETF1, AARSD1, RPL12, 2.0 6.6
GO:0042742 Defense response to bacterium 5 2.14% 0.0064 DEFA3, LTF, CAMP, PPBP, S100A12, 6.5 11.3
GO:0044249 Cellular biosynthetic process 27 11.54% 0.0112 LOC440587, RPL26L1, ATP5E, UBA52, RPL11, RPL14, RPL4, ATP6V0B, RPS25, RPS29, RPL37A, RPS3A, ATP5L, EEF1G, TRSPAP1, RPL24, RNPEPL1, RPL36A, RPL17, GUK1, RPL15, PRODH, MTHFS, RPL6, ETF1, AARSD1, RPL12, 1.6 18.9
GO:0009605 Response to external stimulus 16 6.84% 0.0115 DEFA3, TIRAP, S100A12, CDKN2D, NMI, CXCR3, STAT3, RALBP1, CLU, PF4, AIF1, PPBP, C8B, CMTM5, ANXA1, GP1BB, 2.0 19.4
  1. FDR = false discovery rate