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Figure 5

From: Dynamic regulation of CD24 and the invasive, CD44posCD24negphenotype in breast cancer cell lines

Figure 5

Role of Activin/Nodal signaling in the generation of molecular heterogeneity. Ca1a cells were sorted into CD44posCD24neg and CD44posCD24pos populations. Cytospin prepared cells were stained for vimentin immediately following sorting (left two panels, bar represents 200 μm). Sorted cells were allowed to expand for 96 hr in the presence of vehicle (0.1% DMSO, middle two panels) or 10 μM SB-431542 (right two panels). Immunofluorescent staining of vimentin (green) and DAPI (blue) is presented. In the absence of drug, CD44posCD24poscells yield mesenchymal, vimentin positive progeny. Inhibition of Activin/Nodal signaling prevents this interconverstion.

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