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Figure 1

From: Dynamic regulation of CD24 and the invasive, CD44posCD24negphenotype in breast cancer cell lines

Figure 1

CD24 expression is dynamically regulated in breast cancer cell lines. (a) CD44posCD24neg and CD44posCD24pos cells were sorted from Ca1a, SUM159, MCF7, or MDA MB 231 breast cancer cell lines and expanded in vitro. The CD44, CD24 expression profile of the sorted cells was assessed via flow cytometry after two passages. (b) CD24 promoter CpG islands as predicted by MethPrimer (top panel). A 366 bp region was queried by bisulfate sequencing analysis (BS1, -422 to -788 relative to transcriptional start site). Bisulfite sequencing analysis of CD24 promoter in CD44posCD24pos and CD44posCD24neg parental Ca1a cells. Methylated CG (filled circles) and unmethylated CG (open circles) are presented (middle panel). Percentages of methylation of each CpG in the CD24 promoter from region queried (bottom panel). (c) CD24 mRNA stability assessed in Actinomycin treated, sorted cells. CD44posCD24pos (blue line) and CD44posCD24neg (red line) differences are presented as delta delta Ct means +/- standard deviations around the mean.

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