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Table 1 Summary of massively parallel sequencing technologies

From: Next-generation sequencing

Method Amplification Read length (base pairs) Templates per run Data production/day Sequence reaction Reference
Commercially available technologies
   ABI 3730xI PCR ~900 to 1,100 96 1 Mb/day Sanger method
   454 FLX Roche Emulsion PCR ~400 1,000,000 400 Mb/run/7.5 to 8 hours Pyrosequencing
   Illumina (Solexa) Genome Analyzer Bridge PCR 36 to 175 40,000,000 >17 Gb/run/3 to 6 days Reverse terminator
   ABI SOLiD Emulsion PCR ~50 85,000,000 10 to 15 Gb/run/6 days Ligation sequencing
   Helicos Heliscope None 30 to 35 800,000,000 21 to 28 Gb/run/8 days Single molecule sequence by synthesis
Technologies in development
   Pacific Biosciences None >1,000 NA NA Single molecule real-time DNA sequencing
   Intelligent Biosciences Yesa NA NA NA Sequence by synthesis
   Visigen Biotechnologies None NA NA NA Base-specific FRET emission
   ZS Genetics None NA NA NA ZSG atomic labelling and electron microscopy
  1. NA, not available at present. aAmplification method not yet standardised. FRET, Förster resonance energy transfer.