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Table 3 Significant associations between the presence of DTC, serum DNA yields, LOH frequencies at the microsatellite markers and established risk factors determined by the Mann and Whitney-U test

From: Comparative evaluation of cell-free tumor DNA in blood and disseminated tumor cells in bone marrow of patients with primary breast cancer

serum DNA
§LOH at D3S1255 §LOH at
D9S171 pos
< 55 years      
> 55 years no no no P = 0.05 no
Tumor size      
   pT2-4 no no no P < 0.05 no
Nodal status      
   pN1-2 no no no no no
   M1 no no no no P < 0.05
   Lobular P < 0.03 P = 0.05 no no no
   III no P = 0.006 no no no
   Positive P < 0.05 no no no  
Recurrence no no P < 0.05
P = 0.009*
P < 0.02
P = 0.001
  1. *Log rank test
  2. § loss of heterozygosity (LOH) detected in blood
  3. $ disseminated tumor cells (DTC) detected in bone marrow