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Figure 8

From: Steroid Receptor RNA Activator Protein (SRAP): a potential new prognostic marker for estrogen receptor-positive/node-negative/younger breast cancer patients

Figure 8

SRAP as a poor prognostic indicator in younger patients whose tumors are ER positive and node negative. Cox multivariate analyses have been performed as described in the Materials and Methods section. The events modeled were (a) death attributable to breast cancer, or (b) recurrence or death attributed to breast cancer. Hazard ratios within different estrogen receptor positive (ER+) subgroups are shown as squares and 95% confidence intervals as error bars. (c) Kaplan-Meier breast cancer specific death survival (BCSS) plots are shown for patients with ER+/node negative tumors (n = 130). Panels correspond to the four different age quartiles: 0 to 25%, age 25 to 55 years old patients; 26 to 50%, age 56 to 64 years old patients; 51 to 75%, age 65 to 71 years olds; 76 to 100%, age 72 to 82 years old patients. P values correspond to Mantel-Cox log-rank test. SRAP = steroid receptor RNA activator protein.

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