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Table 2 Fisher's Exact test results

From: An intraductal human-in-mouse transplantation model mimics the subtypes of ductal carcinoma in situ

Comparisons P
Rand CD49fhiCD24med 1.00
Rand CD49fhiCD24lo 0.22
Rand CD44hiCD24med 0.64
Rand CD44hiCD24lo 1.00
Rand CD44medCD24med 0.11
Rand CD44medCD24lo 0.64
Rand CD49fhiMUC-1med 0.34
Rand CD49fhiMUC-1lo 0.17
Rand CD49fmedMUC-1med 0.17
Rand CD49fmedMUC-1lo 0.34
Rand CD49f med CD24 hi *0.01
Rand CD49fmedCD24med 1.00
Rand CD44medCD24med 0.17
Rand CD44loCD24hi 1.00
Rand CD49f med MUC-1 hi *0.01
Rand CD49fmedMUC-1med 1.00
Rand CD49floMUC-1hi 1.00
Rand CD49floMUC-1med 1.00
  1. Pair-wise comparison of growth fractions between the various subpopulations and the random sort. Fisher's Exact test was used to compare the proportions of positive response (lesions in ducts) between subpopulations and the random sort (rand) in DCIS.COM and SUM-225. A P value < 0.05 indicates a statistically significant value.