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Figure 1

From: An integration of complementary strategies for gene-expression analysis to reveal novel therapeutic opportunities for breast cancer

Figure 1

Dissection of breast cancer heterogeneity by using intrinsic subtypes and pathway patterns. (a) Hierarchic cluster analysis from a combined dataset comprising 537 samples. The centroid subtype predictions are shown immediately below the dendrogram with red for Basal-like, green for Normal-like, Luminal A as dark blue, Luminal B as light blue, and pink as HER2-enriched. (b) Kaplan-Meier survival plot for relapse-free survival by using the centroid predictions. (c) Cluster analysis of pathway-activation status predictions with red indicating active status, black, average pathway status, and green, low to absent pathway-activation status. (d) Kaplan-Meier survival plot based on the clustering of pathways from (c). (e) Correlations between tumor subtype (a) and groupings based on pathway status (c).

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