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Table 6 Multivariate Cox regression analysis of clinicopathological factors potentially influencing breast cancer-specific survival, including EDN3 protein expression

From: Frequent loss of endothelin-3 (EDN3) expression due to epigenetic inactivation in human breast cancer

Variable Value P value Hazard ratio (HR) 95% confidence interval of HR
     Lower Upper
   Continuous   0.005a 1.04a 1.01a 1.06a
   pT1 0   1.00   
   pT2 to pT4 1 0.109 1.87 0.87 4.04
   pN0 0   1.00   
   pN1 to pN3 1 0.002a 3.12a 1.53a 6.33a
   G1 and G2 0   1.00   
   G3 1 0.013a 2.17a 1.18a 3.99a
EDN3 expression      
   High 0   1.00   
   Low 1 0.025a 1.98a 1.09a 3.61a
  1. The variables were categorised according to Tables 4 and 5, except for age (continuous). aSignificant data. EDN3, endothelin-3.