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Table 6 Correlation of mouse mammary stem-like gene expression and published breast tumor lung metastasis signatures

From: Gene expression in murine mammary epithelial stem cell-like cells shows similarities to human breast cancer gene expression

Lung metastasis signature: 14 genes, nine of which (64%) changed in stem-like stage
High at stem-like stage (9 genes) Low at stem-like stage (0 genes) Unchanged (5 genes)
Id1 – regulation of transcription   Kynu – metabolic process
Tnc – cell adhesion   Man1a1 – metabolic process
Ly6ea – cell surface receptor-linked signal transduction   Vcam1 – membrane to membrane docking
Ltbp1 – growth factor binding   Cxcr4 – apoptosis
Angptl4a – regulation of apoptosis   Nedd9 – cell cycle/cell adhesion
Ptgs2 – regulation of cell proliferation   
Cxcl1 – negative regulation of cell proliferation   
Ereg – regulation of mitosis   
Fscn1 – cell proliferation   
  1. From Minn et al. [38]. Names and biological process (as defined by gene ontology, selected and/or abbreviated to fit table) are provided. aHigh in pre-differentiated stage only.