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Table 5 Correlation of mouse mammary stem-like gene expression and breast subtype signatures

From: Gene expression in murine mammary epithelial stem cell-like cells shows similarities to human breast cancer gene expression

High at stem-like stage Low at stem-like stage Unchanged
Normal breast-like (ER-negative): 10 genes, none of which (0%) changed in stem-like stage
0 genes 0 genes 10 genes
   Fhl1 – cell differentiation
   Cd36 – cell adhesion
   Itga7 – cell adhesion
   Leprotl1 – unknown
   Gpx3 – oxidation reduction
   Gpd1 – oxidation reduction
   Aoc3 – oxidation reduction
   Lpl – lipid catabolic process
   Aqp7 – transport
   Cidec – apoptosis
Her2+ (ER-negative): four genes, one of which (25%) changed in stem-like stage
1 gene 0 genes 3 genes
Traf4 – regulation of apoptosis   Erbb2 – cell proliferation
   Grb7 – signal transduction
   Smarce1 – chromatin modification
Luminal A (ER-positive, p53 mut): 13 genes, three of which (23%) changed in stem-like stage
0 genes 3 genes 10 genes
  ERα – regulation of transcription Gata3 – regulation of transcription
  Myo6 – regulation of transcription Foxa1 – regulation of transcription
  Xbp1 – regulation of transcription Aff3 – regulation of transcription
   Npnt – cell adhesion
   Anxa9 – cell – cell adhesion
   Gpr160 – signal transduction
   Slc39a6 – ion transport
   Tff3 – defense response
   Acadsb – lipid metabolic process
   Nat1 – metabolic process
Luminal C (ER-positive, p53 mut): eight genes, six of which (75%) changed in stem-like stage
5 genes 1 genes 2 genes
Mybl2 – regulation of transcription Ggh – glutamine metabolic process Ywhaz – protein targeting
Ybx1 – transcription   Sqle – oxidation reduction
Tfrc – endocytosis   
Ebna1bp2 – unknown function   
Kif23 – cell cycle   
Basal like (ER-negative, p53 mut): 15 genes, nine of which (60%) changed in stem-like stage
5 genes 4 genes 6 genes
Cdh3 – cell adhesion Trim29 – transcription Tnni2 – regulation of transcription
Lamc2 – cell adhesion Slpi – serine – type endopeptidase inhibitor activity Nfib – regulation of transcription
Krt17 – epidermis development Galnt3 – metabolic process Capn6 – proteolysis
Krt5 – epidermis development Sox9 – transcription/regulation of cell proliferation Dmd – peptide biosynthetic process
Cxcl1 – negative regulation of cell proliferation   Tgfb2 – apoptosis
   Fabp7 – regulation of cell proliferation
  1. From Sorlie et al.[10]. Names and biological process (as defined by gene ontology, selected and/or abbreviated to fit table) are provided. ER, estrogen receptor.