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Table 4 Correlation of mouse mammary stem-like gene expression and breast tumor prognosis signatures

From: Gene expression in murine mammary epithelial stem cell-like cells shows similarities to human breast cancer gene expression

High at stem-like stage Low at stem-like stage Unchanged
Poor prognosis: 37 genes, 22 of which (59%) changed in stem-like stage
17 genes 5 genes 15 genes
Melk – protein phosphorylation Gpr126 – neuropeptide signaling pathway Tmeff1 – development
Diap3 – cytoskeleton organization Akap2 – unknown function Exoc7 – protein transport
Ext1 – ossification Oxct1 – metabolic process Slc2a3 – transmembrane transport
Ect2 – signaling cascade Fbxo31 – ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process Lpcat1 – metabolic process
Uchl5 – ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process Igfbp5 – regulation of cell growth Egln1 – oxygen homeostasis
DC13 – unknown function Esm1 – regulation of cell growth Pitrm1 – proteolysis
Gmps – purine base biosynthetic process   Cdc42bpa – protein phosphorylation
Dck – pyrimidine nucleotide metabolic process   Gpr180 – unknown function
Rcf4 – DNA replication   Mmp9 – regulation of apoptosis
Orc6l – DNA replication   Hrasls – regulation of cell growth
Dtl – DNA replication   Flt1 – regulation of cell proliferation
Cenpa – nucleosome assembly   
Prc1 – cell cycle   
Ccne2 – cell cycle   
Kntc2 – cell cycle   
Mcm6 – cell cycle   
Nusap1 – cell cycle   
Good prognosis: 12 genes, none of which (0%) changed in stem-like stage
0 genes 0 genes 12 genes
   Ap2b1 – protein transport
   Ms4a7 – signal transduction
   Stk32b – protein phosphorylation
   Scube2 – calcium ion binding
   Aldh4a1 – proline catabolic process
   Gstm3 – metabolic process
   Peci – metabolic process
   Ebf4 – regulation of transcription
   Bbc3 – induction of apoptosis
   Tgfb3 – cell growth/signal transduction
   Fgf18 – regulation of cell proliferation
   Wisp1 – regulation of cell growth
  1. From van't Veer et al. [43]. Names and biological process (as defined by gene ontology, selected and/or abbreviated to fit table) are provided.