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Table 1 Description of common abbreviations used in apoptosis and signal transduction

From: Estrogen regulation of apoptosis: how can one hormone stimulate and inhibit?

Abbreviation Meaning Synonyms
Bad Bcl-2/Bcl-X L -associated death domain protein BH3-only member of the Bcl-2 family
Bak Bcl-2 homologous antagonist-killer protein Multi-BH domain pro-apoptosis protein
Bax Bcl-2-associated X protein Multi-BH domain pro-apoptosis protein
Bcl-2 B-cell lymphoma-2 Defining member of the family; originally characterized as an oncogene
Bcl-X L Bcl-2-related gene, long form Bcl-XS is a shorter splice variant that is pro-apoptotic
Bim Bcl-2-interacting mediator of cell death BH3-only member of the Bcl-2 family
IκB Inhibitor of NF-κB Interacts with NF-κB
IKK B kinase Phosphorylates IκB to promote its degradation
MDM2 Murine double minute Negative regulator of the p53 tumor suppressor
NF-κB Nuclear factor-kappa type B Originally linked with enhancement of immunoglobulin kappa light-chain gene
p53 53 kDa protein Tumor-suppressor protein
PDK-1 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase 1 Master kinase that is crucial for the activation of Akt/PKB
PI3K Phosphoinositide 3-kinase Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase; PI 3-kinase; PtdIns3K
PKB Protein kinase B Akt; RACK (related to A and C kinase); has PH domain
PMAIP-1/Noxa Phorbol-12-myristate-13-acetate-induced protein 1 BH3-only member of the Bcl-2 family and candidate mediator of p53-induced apoptosis
PUMA p53-upregulated modulator of apoptosis BH3-only member of the Bcl-2 family
  1. BH, Bcl-2 (B-cell lymphoma-2) homology.