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Table 1 Mammary ECM proteins identified by mass spectrometry

From: Tamoxifen induces pleiotrophic changes in mammary stroma resulting in extracellular matrix that suppresses transformed phenotypes

Swiss-Prot accession # Protein
[Swiss-Prot:Q80X19] Collagen alpha-1(XIV)
[Swiss-Prot:P02454] Collagen alpha-1(I)
[Swiss-Prot:P02466] Collagen alpha-2(I)
[Swiss-Prot:Q61554] Fibrillin 1
[Swiss-Prot:Q9WVH8] Fibulin-5
[Swiss-Prot:P04937] Fibronectin
[Swiss-Prot:P97927] Laminin subunit alpha-4
[Swiss-Prot:P02469] Laminin subunit beta-1
[Swiss-Prot:P15800] Laminin subunit beta-2
[Swiss-Prot:P15800] Laminin subunit beta-2
[Swiss-Prot:P02468] Laminin subunit gamma-1
[Swiss-Prot:P47853] Biglycan
[Swiss-Prot:Q01129] Decorin
[Swiss-Prot:Q9QZZ6] Dermatopontin
[Swiss-Prot:P51886] Lumican
[Swiss-Prot:Q62000] Mimecan
[Swiss-Prot:Q05793] Perlecan
[Swiss-Prot:P09650] Mast cell protease 1
[Swiss-Prot:O88766] Neutrophil collagenase
[Swiss-Prot:P10493] Nidogen-1
[Swiss-Prot:Q62009] Periostin
[Swiss-Prot:P29457] Serpin H1 precursor