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Table 1 Activity of RSK1, AKT1 and PKCα against the Y-box binding factor-1(YB-1) serine 102 residue peptide compared with the optimized positive control substrate

From: Y-box binding protein-1 serine 102 is a downstream target of p90 ribosomal S6 kinase in basal-like breast cancer cells

Kinase Activity against YB-1 peptide compared with control (%)
RSK1 80 ± 1.04
RSK2 78 ± 0.78
AKT1 7 ± 0.7
PKCα 19 ± 1.14
  1. The p90 ribosomal S6 kinases RSK1 and RSK2 phosphorylated a peptide that mimics the serine 102 residue region of YB-1 with 80% and 78% efficiency compared with the positive control substrate, respectively. Both AKT1 and PKCα were also able to phosphorylate the YB-1 peptide – 7% and 19%, respectively, compared with the positive control. Activity for control substrates for each kinase is normalized to 100%. A change > 5% is considered highly significant in this assay.