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Table 4 Genes selected for quantitative RT-PCR experiments

From: Evidence that molecular changes in cells occur before morphological alterations during the progression of breast ductal carcinoma

  Gene symbol Microarray (fold change) Quantitative RT-PCR (fold change)
Target genes CGI-41 5.3 1.9
  C16orf5 5.5 2.6a
  GOSR2 4.0 2.9a
  MARK3 4.9 -1.4
  LOX -2.0 -11.6a
  STK25 2.0 -1.5
  SULF-1 -4.0 -11.9a
  TXNL2 4.2 3.0a
  1. Positive and negative numbers indicate upregulated and downregulated genes in pure DCIS, respectively. aGenes confirmed using both methodologies. DCIS, ductal carcinoma in situ.