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Figure 2

From: Genes responsive to both oxidant stress and loss of estrogen receptor function identify a poor prognosis group of estrogen receptor positive primary breast cancers

Figure 2

Relationship between oxidative stress and ER-positive tumor proliferation. (a) Unsupervised clustering of 394 estrogen receptor (ER)-positive breast cancers based only on expression of the 71-gene proliferation signature, revealing two major clusters of tumors showing high (H) and low (L) expression of the proliferation genes. (b) Box plots showing the expression indices determined for each of the Ox, Ox', Ox-E/ER, and Ox'-E/ER signatures in tumors identified from (panel a) as having either high (H) or low (L) expression of the proliferation genes. *Statistically significant difference in mean expression index (t-test P < 0.05). Ox-E/ER, oxidant-sensitive estrogen/ER gene signature.

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