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Figure 1

From: Genes responsive to both oxidant stress and loss of estrogen receptor function identify a poor prognosis group of estrogen receptor positive primary breast cancers

Figure 1

Experimental conditions and derivation of gene signatures based on MCF7 treatments and microarray analyses. Depicted by the left set of conditions, the Ox' gene signature (color-coded in gold) was derived as the overlapping probe set after significance analysis of microarrays (SAM) comparisons of expression microarrays results from MCF7 treated with both estrogen receptor (ER)-α small-interfering RNA (siRNA) and oxidants, relative to MCF7 treated only with ER-α siRNA. Depicted by the middle set of conditions, the estrogen (E)/ER gene signature (color-coded in blue) was derived as the overlapping set of differentially expressed MCF7 probes following estradiol (E2) deprivation and ER-α knockdown. Depicted by the right set of conditions, the Ox signature (color-coded yellow) was derived as the overlapping probe set after SAM comparisons of microarray results from oxidant stressed MCF7 relative to control MCF7. The overlap between the Ox' and E/ER signatures defines the Ox'-E/ER signature (color-coded dark green); and the overlap between the Ox and E/ER signatures defines the Ox-E/ER gene signature (color-coded light green).

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