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Table 3 Microarray study characteristics

From: Effects of common germline genetic variation in cell cycle control genes on breast cancer survival: results from a population-based cohort

Study Institution Outcome Microarray platform Evaluated genes Number of samplesa Total time at risk, years Median time at risk, years Number deaths/recurrences
Blenkiron, et al. [22] Nottingham City Hospital (Nottingham, UK) All-cause mortality Illumina (San Diego, CA, USA) PGC, FRS3, C6orf49, TRFP, BYSL, USP49, CCND3 128 1,198.0 11.1 45
Chin, et al. [23] University of California at San Francisco All-cause mortality Affymetrix U133A (Santa Clara, CA, USA) PGC, FRS3, C6orf49, TRFP, BYSL, CCND3 129 822.6 6.0 45
Miller, et al. [24] Uppsala, Sweden All-cause mortality Affymetrix U133A PGC, FRS3, C6orf49, BYSL, CCND3 234 1,927.5 10.2 54
Sørlie, et al. [25] Stanford University (Stanford, CA, USA) All-cause mortality cDNA BYSL, USP49, CCND3 76 227.6 2.5 30
Sotiriou, et al. [26] John Radcliffe (Oxford, UK) Disease recurrence Affymetrix U133A PGC, FRS3, TRFP, BYSL, CCND3 94 709.9 7.3 24b
van de Vijver, et al. [27] The Netherlands Cancer Institute (Amsterdam) All-cause mortality Agilent Technologies, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA, USA) PGC, FRS3, C6orf49, BYSL, USP49, CCND3 295 2,319.8 7.2 79
Wang, et al. [28] Erasmus (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) Disease recurrence Affymetrix U133A PGC, C6orf49, FRS3, USP49, BYSL, CCND3 285 1,843.1 7.2 107b
Total      1,241 9,048.4 7.4 384
  1. aWith endpoint data. bDisease recurrence.