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Table 1 Metalloproteinase axis mRNA expression in lymphocytic infiltrate-positive breast cancer

From: Inflammation and breast cancer. Metalloproteinases as common effectors of inflammation and extracellular matrix breakdown in breast cancer

mRNA Differential expression P-value
Timp1 0.043
Timp2 NC 0.565
Timp3 1.4E-7
Timp4 0.004
RECK 1.2E-6
Mmp1 1.4E-5
Mmp2 2.8E-4
Mmp3 NC 0.54
Mmp7 2.2E-5
Mmp8 NC 0.388
Mmp9 0.009
Mmp10 NC 0.47
Mmp11 3.3E-4
Mmp12 3.5E-7
Mmp13 0.02
Mmp14 NC 0.225
Mmp15 NC 0.058
Mmp16 NC 0.416
Mmp17 NC 0.511
Mmp19 0.049
Mmp20 9.4E-4
Mmp23 8.3E-5
Mmp24 NC 0.72
Mmp25 NC 0.794
MmpL1 NC 0.794
Adam8 1.8E-4
Adam9 NC 0.574
Adam10 NC 0.25
Adam12 0.001
Adam15 NC 0.062
Adam17 0.005
Adam19 NC 0.067
Adam23 NC 0.625
Adam28 NC 0.291
Adam33 0.029
Adamts1 NC 0.068
Adamts4 NC 0.16
Adamts5 0.008
  1. Up and down arrows indicate increased and decreased expression, respectively; NC indicates no change. ADAM, a disintegrin and a metalloproteinase; ADAMTS, ADAM with a thrombospondin domain; MMP, matrix metalloproteinase; RECK, reversion-inducing cysteine-rich protein with Kazal motifs; TIMP, tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase.