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Table 3 History of breast disease, including breast cancer, in 121 000 respondents to the Million Women Study and their relatives

From: The Million Women Study: design and characteristics of the study population

Characteristic Percentage
Previous screening for breast cancer  
   Yes 79.0
   No 20.2
   Missing 0.8
Previous surgery for breast disease  
   Yes 12.8
   No 86.4
   Missing 0.8
Previous breast cancer  
   Yes 1.4
   No 98.0
   Missing 0.6
History of maternal breast cancer  
   Yes 6.0
   No 90.7
   Not known 2.7
   Missing 0.6
History of breast cancer in a sister  
   Yes 3.7
   No 55.1
   No sister 38.6
   Not known 1.9
   Missing 0.8