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Table 2 Logistic regression analysis showing significant associations for prediction of response by different modalities of assessment and response classifications

From: Evaluation of Ki-67 proliferation and apoptotic index before, during and after neoadjuvant chemotherapy for primary breast cancer

Response variable p value
Pathological response (R/NR)  
   Ki-67 D21 0.0616
   AI D21 0.0497
   AI Sx 0.0620
Pathological CR  
   Not assessable -
'Near' pathological CR  
   No significant associations -
Clinical response (CR/PR/SD/PD)  
   [Path T stage T1 versus T3 0.0028]
   Ki-67 D21 0.0097
   AI D21 0.0224
Clinical response (CR/PR/NR)  
   [Path T stage T1 versus T3 0.0066]
   Ki-67 D21 0.0326
   AI D21 0.0224
Clinical response (R/NR)  
   Ki-67 D21 0.0323
Clinical CR  
   No significant associations -
Radiological response (R/NR) -
   No significant associations  
Mammographic response (CR/PR/SD/PD)  
   No significant associations -
USS response (CR/PR/SD/PD)  
   No significant associations -
Worst radiological response (CR/PR/SD/PD)  
   AI biopsy 0.0418
Worst radiological response (CR/PR/NR)  
   No significant associations -
  1. AI, apoptotic index; CR, complete response;D21, day-21; NR, non-responder; PD, progressive disease; PR, partial response; R, responder; SD, stable disease; USS, ultrasound scan.