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Table 1

From: Feasibility of surgeon performing ultrasound in symptomatic breast clinics: the Brighton experience

72 patients (46%) had US only without needle procedure (as not deemed necessary on clinical grounds on first visit) 69 patients (96%) had normal findings and three patients (4%) had indeterminate or suspicious results subsequently downgraded by the radiologist
50 patients (32%) had US with fine needle procedure 49 patients (98%) had benign lesions (60% cysts, 40% solid) and one patient (2%) had a suspicious lesion, downgraded
21 patients (13%) had US with wider needle procedure 14 patients (67%) had malignant lesions, three patients (14%) had indeterminate lesions and four patients (19%) had benign lesions
Nine patients (6%) had US to assess response to endocrine treatment In addition to clinical assessment
Four patients (3%) had US not double reported by the radiologist Two patients had normal scans, one patient had fibroadenoma removed surgically and another had gynaecomastia