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Table 4 Cytoplasmic HER4: correlation with pathological variables and HER family

From: HER4 in breast cancer: comparison of antibodies against intra- and extra-cellular domains of HER4

  Test H4.77.16 histoscore HFR1 histoscore
   P value Correlation P value Correlation
NPI Kendall's tau-b 0.004 Positive <0.001 Positive
Size Kendall's tau-b <0.001 Positive 0.021 Positive
Grade Kendall's tau-b 0.076   <0.001 Positive
Nodal Kendall's tau-b 0.004 Positive <0.001 Positive
EGFR Mann-Whitney 0.035   0.436  
HER2 Mann-Whitney 0.381   0.771  
HER3 Mann-Whitney <0.001 Positive 0.001 Positive
  1. Grade is the Bloom and Richardson grade. Nodal status is the number of positive nodes. NPI, Nottingham Prognostic Index (grade + nodal status + 0.02 × size in mm). EGFR, epidermal growth factor receptor.