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Table 2 Correspondence of combination index values to combined drug effects in the MCF-7 cell line

From: Additive growth inhibitory effects of ibandronate and antiestrogens in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer cell lines

Drug associationa Iban + TAM Iban + ICI
50% CI, mean (SD) 1.0 (0.1) 0.9 (0.2)
Combination effect Additive Additive
75% CI, mean (SD) 1.1 (0.1) 1.0 (0.3)
Combination effect Additive Additive
  1. The 50% and 75% combination index values corresponding to drug concentrations leading to 50% and 75% cell growth, respectively, were determined by crystal violet staining assay, as detailed in Materials and methods. aExposure to ibandronate (Iban) and/or 4-hydroxytamoxifen (TAM) or ICI 182,780 (ICI) for 72 hours in three separate experiments. SD, standard deviation.