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Figure 7

From: Proteomic identification of heat shock protein 90 as a candidate target for p53 mutation reactivation by PRIMA-1 in breast cancer cells

Figure 7

Combination and sequential exposure of cells to PRIMA-1 and adriamycin. Exponentially growing MDA-MB-231 or GI-101A cells were seeded in 10% serum-supplemented RPMI-1640 medium at 104 cells per well. After 24 hours, cells were treated with 100 μM PRIMA-1 for 24 hours (P24), 0.2 μM adriamycin for 3 hours (A3) or 24 hours (A24), and a combination of PRIMA-1 plus adriamycin for 24 hours (AP24) or adriamycin for 3 hours followed by PRIMA-1 for 24 hours (A3P24). After drug treatment, the cells were reincubated in drug-free medium for a further 3 days and cell survival was determined with the crystal violet assay. Results are means ± SD for quadruplicate determinations (SD<10%) representative of two to four independent experiments; P<0.01.

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