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Table 2 Ex vivo detection of metastasis after intracardiac injection (nude mice)

From: Bioluminescent human breast cancer cell lines that permit rapid and sensitive in vivodetection of mammary tumors and multiple metastases in immune deficient mice

  H2LN (n = 8) D3H1 (n = 5)
Experimental end-point Week 5 Week 10
Skeletal metastasis 8/8 4/5
Spine 88%a 60%a
Skull 75%a 40%a
Scapula 75% 40%a
Femur/tibia 63%a 0%a, b
Clavicle 50% 0%
Upper/lower jaw 13–23% ND 0–20%
Ribs and associated tissues 8/8a 4/5a
Brain 7/8a 2/5a
Lungs 6/8a 2/5a
Lymph nodes (axillary/brachial) 5/8a 2/5
Other soft tissues (heart, liver, pancreas, kidney, adrenals, uterus, salivary gland) 4/8 2/5
  1. aMetastasis confirmed by histology in at least one animal sample. bThree out of five mice exhibited in vivo leg signal, and metastasis was confirmed by histology. ND, tissue not analyzed by histology.