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2019 Article Collection: Breast Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention

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Breast Cancer Research is excited to present a curated collection on how different lifestyles, health, and populations are linked to breast cancer. Edited by one of our Deputy Editors, Dr. Leslie Bernstein is a leading epidemiologist in identifying physical activity as a means to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Dr. Bernstein would like to draw attention to two publications that come to different conclusions about the historical use of low-dose aspirin: one by Christina A. Clarke et al. and the other by Gabriella Frisk et al. We invite the reader to consider the study design and questionnaire of each cohort as well as the broader challenges of epidemiological studies. Find the collection here.

Aims and scope

Breast Cancer Research is an international, peer-reviewed online journal, publishing original research, reviews, editorials and reports. Open access research articles of exceptional interest are published in all areas of biology and medicine relevant to breast cancer, including normal mammary gland biology, with special emphasis on the genetic, biochemical, and cellular basis of breast cancer. In addition to basic research, the journal publishes preclinical, translational and clinical studies with a biological basis, including Phase I and Phase II trials.


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Lewis Chodosh, University of Pennsylvania, USA

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