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Artificial Intelligence in Breast Imaging
PDGFB in Breast Cancer Initiation,Progression, and Metastasis

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Aims and scope

Breast Cancer Research is an international, peer-reviewed online journal, publishing original research, reviews, editorials and reports. Open access research articles of exceptional interest are published in all areas of biology and medicine relevant to breast cancer, including normal mammary gland biology, with special emphasis on the genetic, biochemical, and cellular basis of breast cancer. In addition to basic research, the journal publishes preclinical, translational and clinical studies with a biological basis, including Phase I and Phase II trials.


  1. Authors: Thomas U. Ahearn, Haoyu Zhang, Kyriaki Michailidou, Roger L. Milne, Manjeet K. Bolla, Joe Dennis, Alison M. Dunning, Michael Lush, Qin Wang, Irene L. Andrulis, Hoda Anton-Culver, Volker Arndt, Kristan J. Aronson, Paul L. Auer, Annelie Augustinsson, Adinda Baten…

    Content type: Research article


Lewis Chodosh, University of Pennsylvania, USA

BCR's 20th Anniversary

20 years ago Breast Cancer Research published its first articles with BMC. Well-respected in the field, the journal has continually placed in the first quartile of the ‘Oncology’ category of Journal Citation Reports. Over the past decade, Breast Cancer Research (BCR) has also become the highest ranked breast cancer focused title in the field.

Look back at the journal’s milestone achievements and article highlights.

Featured Review - ESR1 mutation as an emerging clinical biomarker in metastatic hormone receptor-positive breast cancer

In this review, we summarize existing knowledge surrounding the mechanisms of action of ESR1 mutations and roles in resistance to aromatase inhibition. We then analyze the recent literature on how ESR1 mutations affect outcomes in estrogen receptor-targeting and combination therapies.

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